Dental implants


Dental implants

This department of dentistry, which combines surgery and prosthetics, allows you to fill in the absence of a single tooth or a whole group without damaging your own healthy teeth.

We use the implant system of the Nobel Biocare company, which has been operating on the global market for several decades. Very often a dental implant is a more aesthetic solution to a missing tooth replacement. The all-ceramic crown or prosthetic bridge, mounted on a dental implant, is an excellent and aesthetic solution that results in a beautiful smile. Implants combine comfort with looks.

Our specialist implants a titanium implant (screw), which after a fusion with the bone will form the basis on which after three to six months the doctor performs a prosthetic restoration (crown or bridge).

In the field of implant prosthetics, Multimed Lublin offers:

• Filling single implants

• Implants on implants

• Controlled bone regeneration

• Maxillary sinus lift

• Connective tissue transplant

• Bone block transplant

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