X-Ray diagnostics


X-Ray diagnostics

The correct diagnosis often determines the final success or failure of the entire treatment.

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Professional x-ray images of teeth are necessary to identify the symptoms of the disease.

In dentistry, one of the basic sources of diagnostic information are x-rays, without which it is difficult to imagine the right treatment and its documentation today. Our Multimed Medical Clinic in Lublin has modern X-ray cameras (Pantomogram) adapted to record X-ray images both on film and in digital form (on a CD), with a minimum dose of radiation. Photos are visible after a while on the computer screen. Digital recording of the photo enables precise diagnosis. The devices we have allow x-ray pictures to be taken during surgery, which shortens the time of treatments and improves the quality of treatment.

In the field of x-ray diagnostics, Multimed offers:

• Single dental x-rays on the film

• RVG photos

• Pantomographic images

Pantomogram zdjęcia rtg zębów Lublin