Pediatric denistry


Pediatric denistry

This department of dentistry is called pedodontics.

Parents often do not realise how important prophylaxis and dental treatment of not only permanent but also milk teeth is for proper child development. Milk tooth decay should not be ignored as it could affect long term health. It is extremely important for the child to be under the dentist's care from an early age.

A Lublin dentist will help your child. We cordially invite you to the first familiarisation visits to our clinic. Our treatments and advice are aimed at developing proper habits in children so that they can learn how to take care of their teeth properly and do not associate a visit to the dentist only with stress and pain. The scope of conservative treatment includes: treatment of milk and permanent teeth, lapping, permanent tooth sealing, tooth surface varnishing.

In our clinic's offer:

• Milk teeth treatment - milk teeth are necessary for the proper development of the masticatory system, which is why they require treatment. That is why it is so important to take care and treat these teeth. For our young patients, we have prepared colorful fillings and nice rewards that will compensate time spent on the armchair.

• Lapisation - used when the milk tooth is heavily damaged by decay. Lapisation can save the tooth from being removed, which prevents malocclusion.

• Sealing of permanent teeth - this treatment protects teeth against decay. It should be performed regularly at the moment the appearance of tooth.

• Tooth varnishing - strengthens tooth enamel and protects the tooth against caries, bacteria. This treatment supports anti-decay prophylaxis.

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